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Electrical Power-Line Transducers

Electrical Power-Line Transducers

Electrical Power-Line Transducers convert various electrical power line parameters viz. Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power Factor, Active power, Reactive power, Apparent power into DC current or voltage output. The output of transducer is independent of load impedance. These are used in various electrical, thermal, chemical & other power plants to monitor processed data either locally or from remote using various devices such as indicating meters, data loggers, recorders, SCADA systems. These transducers can also be used as external units in conjunction with analog or digital indicators.


Features :

  • TYPE:DC or AC : 1Ph / 3Ph -1 EL / 3Ph – 2EL 3W / 3Ph – 3EL – 4W
  • Input Parameter: DC : Voltage, Current
  • AC : Voltage, Current, Watt, Var, VA, Frequency, Power Factor
  • VOLTAGE:DC : 500V, AC : 500V
  • CURRENT:DC : 5A (for higher ranges: 50 — 300mV ext. Shunt) , AC : 1A / 5A.
  • FREQUENCY: 50 / 60Hz ±5Hz., 400Hz ± 20Hz.(Any other Frequency on request).
  • POWER FACTOR:0.5 (Lag) — Unity — 0.5 (Lead)
  • POWER:Please specify.
  • OUTPUT RANGE:Single Output /Dual Output.

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